About Vyper Kydex

Vyper Kydex was born from a need for holsters that didn’t exist. Sounds simple right? People have been building custom holsters from various materials since day one. But, during a career in law enforcement, I learned some lessons. A solid, well built holster is a serious matter. After all, you depend on your tools to protect you, your family, and things you care about. No small task if it is to be done properly. 

So, I set out to make a product that was just for me. Something strong, dependable, maybe a bit overbuilt. I did just that. I built two holsters, and they worked (barely). I grew up using my hands to build, and something switched on after those first two holsters. I had to perfect them, make them work betterfaster. I also needed to create more options for my carry style. This was the birth of the EDC Series, the foundation for Vyper. Absolutely strong, dependable holsters that evolved into something more than just pieces of plastic.

This started in a small home shop. And as of this time is still run in the same way, with each and every product built by my hands, and inspected properly before being sent to our customers. All of my first customers are still customers today, and often come by the shop to make an order. Old school, I know. But old school is good. 

Strong. Dependable. Old school attitude with new technology and processes. That is the Vyper trademark.

Welcome to the revolution!