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Vyper Kydex

Range Series

Range Series

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Paddle-style OWB Holsters

  • Industry standard .08 Kydex
  • Steel hardware
  • Adjustable retention
  • Comfort level 100!
  • American made glass filled nylon paddle
  • Great for concealment and local range competitions
  • Can be transitioned to a Bladetech TMMS for a drop leg set up
  • Also works with Talon Retention belt slides, G-Code accessories, and others!

Engineered to meet the demands of the shooting range, this holster is a testament to precision and versatility. Crafted with the discerning marksman in mind, our Range Series holster provides a secure and comfortable fit for your firearm, ensuring a smooth draw every time. With an emphasis on quick, reliable access, this holster is designed to keep you focused on your target. Its durable construction and rugged materials guarantee longevity even under the most intensive training sessions.

Whether you're a competitive shooter or a dedicated enthusiast, trust the Range Series holster to enhance your experience on the range. Elevate your performance and gear up for success with this exceptional holster designed for those who demand the best.

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