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Just like the people who use them.

Mag Carriers

Reloads in any concealed carry, Law Enforcement, or Military application are critical. Vyper helps you move faster, more efficiently.

Our Customers Matter

Existing within the outdoor, shooting, and tactical communities over my entire life has led Vyper Kydex to a unique place in the industry. We want to be more than just a holster maker. We want to start a revolution in product diversity, customer care, and engagment. Help us be better by signing up for our email list, so that we can notify you of sales, events, and other amazing opportunities to engage with, and meet our customers!


Medical is an ever evolving and growing field for both concealed carry and uniformed proffessionals. Make sure you carry securely, and even in style, with Vyper Kydex TQ pouches and associated gear.

This, we’ll defend

Vyper Kydex signed an oath, to the South Carolina and United States Constitutions. It doesn’t have an expiration date on it. This company will always support and defend the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This company will do what it can with what resources we have to see that it is not infringed upon. The people are the Militia. We, will not comply.


I’ve known the owner of Vyper Kydex for almost half of my life. One thing I can say about him, his work, and pretty much everything he does is ” attention to detail”. I have zero doubt that if you buy from Vyper, you are getting the best.

Kevin Gillion, SC


I own several Vyper Kydex products, from 3 holsters, to a minimalist wallet, to a dump tray. These are all quality products with expert craftsmanship saturating every detail. I highly recommend.

Nic Laughlin, KY


I absolutely rely on my Vyper Kydex holster every day. It is indeed strong and dependable. I will not carry in any other holster. Period.

Dennis Price, SC
Owner of DEFCON Readiness


I own a Vyper Kydex holster for my duty belt – Glock Pistol Model 23. Excellent quality/craftsmanship. Holster has solid and positive retention on the pistol. I will continue to be a repeat customer. 

David Reppert, SC



Jeffrey Slaybaugh, SC


I’ve been a proud Vyper Kydex owner for years. Every EDC I’ve owned since 2017 has had its own Vyper holster. Hands down the best holsters I’ve ever owned. The detail in the fit and finish is impeccable. So much time and effort has been spent making sure every detail is perfect. Over the years they just keep getting better. Phillip is passionate about his work, whether it’s on his job as a Law Enforcement Officer or in the Vyper shop keeping his fellow patriots geared up. Vyper Kydex continues to be my holster of choice.

Ryan Bradberry, SC


I’m happy to say that I’ve know Phillip for a very long time. And it’s even better that he’s got some serious skills when it comes to Kydex! I don’t even know how long I’ve been using Vypers products but I will not order or use anything else. Every pistol I currently own is in a Vyper holster! He’s come a long way and is still getting better! Thanks man! Keep it up!

Frankie Mabrey, SC